April Dumanski Jones

Profile Updated: November 25, 2008
Residing In: IN USA
Occupation: Recruiter

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School Story:

In Ms. Nichol’s (I think that was her name) class, we were having a map test… I studied and Tommy Green did not! Tommy was sitting behind me, so I held up my paper and pretended like I was reviewing my answers and let Tommy look at my paper. When we were all done, Ms. Nichol’s took our papers and gave us a Big, Fat Zero (in red ink). Thanks Tommy!

In Mr. Chester’s class (what was his last name???) Pat Ward, Tommy Green, Bruce Campbell and I think Kenny Baker spent the entire class shooting spit-balls at the chalk board every time Chester turned around to write on the board. This went on the entire class … there was a ton of spit balls stuck on the wall! When the bell rang, Chester called each of those guys out and told them that they had to come after school and clean the up the spit balls!

Robin Gebner and I were in summer school doing Behind the Wheel and whoever the third driver was made me fear for my life!

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